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VDR System: Data Security Protocols to Ensure Confidentiality of Your Business Processes

Companies incur the most significant financial losses from information security incidents due to financial fraud. At the same time, almost no attention is paid to the security of business processes and their supporting applications. How can a data room help in this case?

Digital data room: ensuring the confidentiality of business information assets

The problem of ensuring the safe conduct of business using new information technologies and global information networks is one of the most acute today. Losses from various kinds of offenses in networks are already estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Information security is a broader set of measures, including information protection. It pursues a more global goal: to provide a single information space within the company that will allow the company to work successfully in the current conditions of its environment. The latter can be understood as banal power outages and active informational opposition from competitors. Thus, the protection of information is the provision of information security of the company at the information system level.

In this case, a digital data room like OneHub is a suitable alternative. This cloud-based platform ensures a secure working environment with a well-organized data repository. According to the Onehub review, the virtual data room (VDR) is changing the economics by integrating computers, networking, storage, virtualization, and management into a single platform. The result is improved usability and operational agility. These are essential factors for cloud adoption and information software as a service.

Data security protocols in a data room software

The data room’s first and most important advantage is its geographic location. All corporate data and applications can be processed anywhere in the world from which the company receives all information technology, using only the means to display information. Technical measures are used to eliminate the risk of implementing external and internal threats to protect against computer attacks.

In addition, the data room software uses the following security protocols to ensure business confidentiality:

  • identifying and protecting all information assets, regardless of their location, both inside and outside the organization’s perimeter;
  • restricting and controlling access to confidential data through all networks, devices, information systems, services, etc.;
  • recording and inspecting all actions performed with sensitive data;
  • accelerating the company’s business processes by leveraging a secure digital ecosystem that includes internal and external business users and advanced data security technologies throughout their lifecycle.

Data rooms allow you to control access to files. All documents are encrypted, while the keys for decryption are on the server, and authentication is required to gain access to the keys. Seeing a file with a security label on the screen of the workplace, the employee will know: the file is located where it is allowed to be and in no other places on the corporate network. It will not be opened by anyone except authorized persons with the necessary permission, and it will not be accidental or malicious. They will copy it to a USB flash drive, and they won’t send it by mail, put it in the cloud, or pull out the text from it to send it as a message. All actions with it are taken into account and known.

It also should be noted that the VDR system automatically detects intruders’ attempts to penetrate the network and their presence in the infrastructure. The threat response teams will prevent attacks on time and investigate incidents to eliminate vulnerabilities in the infrastructure.

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