Best business security systems

Regardless of the size of their business, owners try to equip it with reliable security tools. Security systems not only help protect against cybercriminals but also help manage employees, increase productivity and even comply with safety procedures. But choosing the right security system can also be difficult, as you need to know which tools will be a priority for you. In this article, we’ll look at the characteristics of the best of them, based on which you can make your choice.

SimpliSafe Overview

SimpliSafe is a great solution primarily for small businesses. Its distinctive feature was the fact that it offers customers ready-made security kits, looking at which you can decide what best suits your case.

The standard kit includes a standard station, keypad, and sensors (intrusion and motion), to make it easier to catch criminals. The more expensive kit also provides you with two additional input sensors and an HD camera in addition to the above features.

For larger buildings, there is a separate system that can secure up to four rooms. This security system also includes smoke and temperature detectors, a water sensor, and an emergency button to prevent fire or other threats in time.

If none of these suggestions suits you, you can create your own set, the company’s specialists will be happy to help you.

ADT Overview

ADT is a popular security system among large and medium-sized businesses, and it is widely regarded as the best PoE security camera system. With a vast experience of more than a hundred years, ADT is ready to provide any kind of protection for your company, which includes different types of sensors (windows, doors, motion, etc.), smart tools, and key card readers. Given the complexity of the equipment, it should only be installed by a professional.

ADT tries to be very flexible, and therefore offers unique solutions for any industry, for example for retail, the company offers EAS services to minimize theft of goods, secure tags, and much more. In addition, the company serves well in the financial, transport, educational and other areas.

A great advantage is that the technical support is ready to help you at any time. ADT offers high-quality equipment and service, and the price is right on par.

Vivint Review

Vivint’s selection of equipment will satisfy anyone. The company holds a leading position among other firms providing the same services, and one of the main reasons why it stands out so much among the competition is its unique offering of quality modern cameras. Here you can order cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance with top unique security features, namely:

  • Interior camera flexibility that allows you to rotate 155 degrees and tilt 80 degrees
  • The two-way communication function allows you to communicate directly through the camera
  • Cameras for outdoor use have built-in smart sound and light deterrence features
  • Cameras can distinguish objects that come into their field of view, whether it’s a tree branch, a cat, or a package flying by, and will never disturb you over little things

All these tools are also not suitable for independent installation here it is better to trust a specialist. And for the peace of mind that everything is under your control, Vivint offers an easy-to-use mobile app. Monitor from anywhere at any time.

Unfortunately, we do not know the company’s rates, you should contact their managers directly and ask about their pricing plans in detail.

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