ScanGuard Review

Although the antivirus market seems to be saturated with so many options to choose from, some of the brands keep appearing time and again, because of the companies large spending on marketing activities. ScanGuard is one such product that is a fairly new entrant in the antivirus domain, however, captured a large market size within a short period due to its comprehensive product offering and promotional activities.

When it comes to features, the antivirus solution offers industry-leading features so that you can keep the operating system performance at the highest level. Along with the basic antivirus functionalities, it offers encrypted VPN and responsive customer support, making it a fantastic solution to be used. This ScanGuard Review will consist of all the highlighting features of the antivirus solution.

Let us dive into more detail and speak about the various features, set up and installation, user interface, pricing, customer support and whether or not the solution is safe to use?

Set up and Installation

Setting up the antivirus solution is easy and requires a couple of minutes to install the program on your device. However, before downloading the program, the user is required to create an account and make the payment for the plant they would like to choose. Once the payment is done, they are directed to the download page, where they can download the software.

Once you click on the download button, the installation process will start automatically. Follow the prompt and make sure you use the recommended settings and sit tight till the process is completed. Once the process is done, you can even set the time when you would like to scan the device.

User Interface

One of the best thing about ScanGuard Antivirus is its cross-platform compatibility, making the software accessible to the user with different operating systems. Being said that, users can practically expect the same simple to use user interface on each and every device they use.

The dashboard is easy to understand and displays all the necessary information, like any kind of threat that your computer system is going through and something that needs your immediate attention. Once the scan is completed all of the quarantine items are ready for you to delete. In addition to this, it also displays the option of full scan or quick scan.

On the left side toolbar, there are different options that include disk cleaner and system boost, that you can perform based on your system requirements.


ScanGuard has an extensive list of features that makes it really attractive for users to use and efficient software program to safeguard their system and information on the network and on the internet. Some of the features offered by the company are as follows.

1. Malware Protection

Staying safe online on the internet is perhaps the most important things these days. With the rise of phishing attacks, viruses, and other cyber threats, users are always in need of a sophisticated solution that can help them better protect their identity on the internet world. Being said that, the ScanGuard Antivirus solution comes with two different scanning options. Full Scan and a Quick Scan.

You can make use of the Quick Scan when you don’t have a longer period of time to perform scanning, yet want to make sure that all of your downloads and browsers are safe and secure. However, to do a detailed scan of each and every file on your system, go for the full scan.

In either of the scanning process, if the antivirus detects something like adware, malware or any other threat, it will quarantine that instantly, which you can later delete. The antivirus solution also allows to schedule your own scans, which can be done either monthly, weekly or fortnightly.

2. Firewall Protection

The firewall protection offered by the company isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other firewall system on the market. However, the company on their official website to say that they are in the process to release better firewall protection for its users around the world.

Due to the customer feedback and reviews, the company is in the process of making necessary changes to their firewall system and to provide a more efficient solution. Being said that, their current firewall protection also does a good job and is something that users can completely rely upon.

3. Removal Tools

Yes, the antivirus solution works completely well for detecting and removing viruses and malware from your system. However, it has something more to offer. These features ensure that your system runs smoothly without any difficulties. The file manager feature will remove any and all duplicate images and files that occupy unnecessary space on the system.

In addition to this, the ScanGuard antivirus will optimize the performance of your personal computer to ensure that it runs smoothly with maximum resources available. It clears all of the cache memory, temp files, and internet history. It does all of this without causing any harm to your stored important information.

The company also has the plan to roll out features like parental control soon, providing parents to better manage their kids’ online activities.


The antivirus solution does a great job in terms of providing high computing power and overall performance. Even the antivirus is performing heavy real-time antivirus scan, you won’t realize the drop in speed of your personal computer. You can watch movies and play games while performing full scans and there won’t be any delays in the performance of the system.


All of the three packages of ScanGuard Antivirus basically offers the same set of features, with a few additional features for its higher priced packages. The entry-level package known as the Essential Antivirus offers, anti-malware protection, tune up, firewall, safe browser, and optimization tool.

The Pro Antivirus solution also offers all of the above features but also includes a web shield extension. It provides three different licenses, meaning can be used on up to 3 devices. The Ultimate solution offered includes all the above and an additional e-book. It offers 5 licenses to the users.

All of these packages from the antivirus solution can be used on different operating systems including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

In addition to this, you can also get some of the additional features like VPN, cookie cleaner, password vault, and ad blocker pro separately from the packages, if you need any of the above features.


Being a new entrant in the antivirus market, the company will need some time to gain a reputation in the industry and among users around the world. Being said that, the prices of the antivirus solution are quite exciting and attracting new customers. The company is offering three different plans and packages, as seen above, and all of them comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For new users, there are promotional offers and discount available that makes the plans available at a cheaper rate. However, if you are an existing customer than you will have to pay a steep price to reuse the service.

The entry-level package can be availed at $24.95 for a new customer and the existing customer can get it at $99.95 for a year. The Pro version can be availed at $39.95 per year for the new subscriber and $119.95 for the existing one. Similarly, the Ultimate version can be availed at $59.95 per year and $149.95 per year.

No Free Trial

Though the pricing of the packages seems good and attractive for new customers, the company is not offering any free trial, making it less viable for users who cannot pay and afford an antivirus solution. If the company wants to attract and gain more customers in the years to come, this is something they should consider seriously.

Offering free trial gives a sense of comfort to customers before they start paying for the service. Yes, they are providing money back guarantee, what still the customer doesn’t like to pay for the service they have not used before.

Customer Support

The company is putting much of its resources into providing efficient customer support for its existing and potential customers. They claim to be offering 24 x 7 service to all of its users from all around the world. The users can get in touch with them through the medium of email, live chat, and phone.

They also have an extensive amount of information available on their FAQ page, however, the amount of resources available is not satisfying. One of the reasons for this could be the new entry of the company in the market. As they are new, the amount of information available on chat forums and discussion board is not extensive.

One thing to note about is that customer support executive asks the user about their name and email id, before resolving their issues and problems. Not sure why they need this particular information. However, for some users, this can be a throw off, particular for the one who is privacy conscious.

Is ScanGuard Safe to Use?

Being a new product in the industry, a lot of users tends to have little uncertainty about its safety. And since the company does not offer a free trial, many have an opinion that it is a scam and does not have any contact information on their website.

However, the antivirus solution is completely safe to use and it is no scam. The company exist for real and provides a genuinely good product to ensure the safety of your devices.

Pros of ScanGuard

1. An excellent offering of features is the relatively lesser price for new customer as compared to other antivirus solutions.

2. The customer support service offered by the company is good and fast, providing support all day long.

3. Easy to use interface and installation process, thus any person with technical knowledge can install the program.

Cons of ScanGuard

1. Being a new company, many people are skeptical about the genuineness of the antivirus solution.

2. The renewal prices of the three packages are steep and thus not affordable by everyone. Thus, resulting in lesser retention rate.

3. The company does not offer a free trial for the user to test out the functionality and features before actually paying for it.

Final Thoughts

The antivirus solution is relatively new, and thus at times can be difficult for the user to choose, as there is not much information available about it on the internet. There are no a couple of good reviews available online.

However, the overall functionality and features offered by the ScanGuard antivirus are more than capable to safeguard your identity and information from the various online threats. Being said that, there is still a long way to go for the company in terms of its feature offerings like Firewall protection.

They can still improve on it and provide other features like parental control that are more in demand these days. The pricing of the solution is a bit on the higher side for new entrant and must be reduced a bit, in case if they want to attract a large number of users.

Overall, it performs well and can be a good choice to select. It is completely safe to use and is a no scam, like many think. Let us know if you have any other questions related to it – in the comment section below. If you think we missed anything, we would like to know that as well through your comments.